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Dudley met the queen (not really) today and demanded a belly rub lol.
Taking advantage of this beautiful whether by going to the park!
5 month old Sir Dudley says HI! 👋 #tbt
Indoor frisbee sesh had me like… 😝 #sploot
Dudley approves of this purchase.  #life #caffieneandcorgis ☕️
Post bath floof!!
This was the first day I met @stitchthecorgi, when he was a 4 month old, little, crazy pup. 8 months later, he has passed me in size, frapped with me for more hours than I can count, and made sure to maintain his crazy, awesome personality. I couldn’t be more thankful that our Corgparents found each other on IG, because he is the best friend I could ever ask for. Happy Birthday, bro! 🎉 #bff #stitchturns1 #tbt